Let's face it

• Do you solve your customer’s problems by intuition or do you have a strategy?

• Do you know how many customers you lost because they were unsatisfied with your service?

• Do your customers continue buying from you after they filed a complaint?

• How much revenue do you lose because of complaints? Do you wish, you could reduce this?

• Do you use your conversations with customers to learn about your products or services? Or do you think the future market will be the same as today?

• Do your customers recommend you to their colleagues?


Maybe you even get a bad customer feedback from time to time. Or maybe your customer service employees are discontent, as they frequently speak to unsatisfied customers and can’t offer them a solution.


Maybe you are pretty good in customer service and you have little complaints. Still, you lack ideas how to become even better to stay ahead of your competitors.



This is what I can do for you

• I will show you how to support your customers just as they need it.

• I want you to have satisfied customers who will stay with you for a long time.

• You will benefit from satisfied employees — they are the best marketing you can get.

I do this with enthusiasm and the experience of more than 8 years in technical support.



You are

• a Biotechnology or Medical Engineering company

• or an IT-firm with CRM-, ERP-, telephony- or chat-software

• or an internal IT helpdesk

• based in Germany, Austria or the UK and you work internationally in Europe and the US

Then we have common ground for a successful customer service training.

Customer Experience Training
Customer Service Skills Training

Understand the problems of your customers and learn how to solve them. Stimulate customer focus and strategic thinking in your customer service team. Convince your customers with a solution-driven approach and authentic communication. Increase customer satisfaction .

Complaint Handling Training

Understand the customer expectations . Customers often don’t complain about what they received, they complain about what they didn’t get, but expected to. Lower the costs of complaints. Convince your customers with a solution-driven approach and foresight. Win complaining customers as promoters .

Customer Focus Workshop

Make it easy for your customers to work with you. Improve your processes, refine your rules. Speak the language of your customers. Build trust and increase customer loyalty. Listen to your customers and develop new products and services for the future.